Saturday, April 13, 2013

New technology used for revealing ancient paintings

Scientists in America have made a breakthrough to detect the ancient artistic pictures hidden for centuries.  Using the technology they have exposed the face of Roman from a 19th century painting treasured at the Museum of Louvre in Paris.  The scientists used the technology of imaging to expose the underneath ancient art.  The technology of imaging is the same used at the airports for scanning the body or luggage purpose at the security counter.  This is very effective technique in comparison to the imaging techniques used earlier. 

This technology named as “Terahertz Spectroscopy” works on the same principle of electromagnetic radiation and infrared rays usually seen in microwaves domestic ovens and TV remotes.  The radiation used for detecting paintings is very minute.  This will not harm the painting in exposure to the radiation.  Jackson at University of Rochester said, “Terahertz technology has been in use for some time, especially in quality control in the pharmaceutical industry to assure the integrity of pills and capsules, in biomedical imaging and even in homeland security with those whole-body scanners that see beneath clothing at airport security checkpoints”.