Tuesday, April 16, 2013

NO more shortage of renal organs for transplant

Just like the invention of test tube baby, the invention of the laboratory grown kidney can be an outstanding breakthrough in biological science.  The experiment proved to be a success with rats.  This cleared the path for the making of human kidneys.  This challenging job of lab grown kidney can potentially help those who are waiting for a matching kidney from a donor.  The testing has already been done on a few of the patients which proved to be a success.  The leader of the team Harald Ott said, “If this technology can be scaled to human-size grafts, patients suffering from renal failure, who are currently waiting for donor kidneys, could theoretically receive an organ grown on demand”.  He also claimed that with a sample of patient cells a kidney can be grafted successfully, thereby decreasing the shortage of donor organs.

The organs are developed or re-grown in the lab with the help of collagen which has no trouble of acceptance in the human body.  The flesh is grown by framing a coat of new cells in the internal surface.  The team hopes to work on developing the other internal organs using this technique.  It has already been tested successfully on pigs.