Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Optimus L-series II, LG Smartphones in India

The LG Optimus L-series II models are LG L7 II Dual and L3 II Dual.  The LG series includes laser cut technology with LED lights and sharp design.  Both the phones have dual SIM and support the latest Android Jelly Bean.  They are user friendly with features like, QuickMemo and safety care.  The difference lies that L7 has 1 GHz Dual core processor, 4GB memory, LED Flash, display with 400x800 pixel resolution, 8 MP camera initiated with voice commands by CheeseShutter and other apps like, Quick Translator and QSlide for running two functions simultaneously with ease.

L3 Dual, costing 8,800 comes with 3,2 inch display with 1 GHz processor.  This is a little more advanced than the Optimus L3 smart phone.  It has 1,540 mAH battery with latest Android Jelly Bean.  This is a normal average smart phone with 3 MP camera and 4GB memory storage.  Although the LG L7 Dual is more advanced than L3, it is comfortably priced at 18,650.  This is a convenient buy for the average population.
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