Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Panasonic’s launch for business/professional oriented class in India

The leaders in Electronics, Panasonic has launched the Tough Pad FZ-G1 and Tough Pad JT-B1 Android that operates on the latest version Windows 8.  Both of these device targets the corporate sector personnel who make most use of the electronic computing devices.  They are useful for workers in public services, utilities, fashion industry, marketing, real estate business, defense, pharmaceutical industry, maintenance, logistics, and insurance. 

Both these products enable the user to secure data and information.  The company also assures the durability and strength of the device which can be accessed even in challenging situations.  They are equipped with LCD display screen with prolonged battery time.  There is a provision to replace battery if required at project or construction sites.  The other two devices launched along with these are , JT – H 300 and JT – H 320 HT which is promised strong and sturdy for rough and tough work conditions.  They are based on Total Shock Absorbing design.  The launch of these devices by Panasonic meant a major move forward in the business sector of India.