Friday, April 19, 2013

Pantech Prism Phone Multiple Functions with Sleek Design!

Pantech’s Prism is a mobile phone that integrates multiple functions in its glossy design. It also gives the user a total experience – combining fashion and ease of use with a sensitive edge. The dispute that the designers of Prism set for themselves was to put together the multiple modes of media that were available autonomously in mobile phones
. Prism is a concept phone offering five functions: phone, camera, movie, MP3 and internet. It come together with ergonomics, functionality and user interface (UI) in the multimedia hand-held device.
The formulation of the design tactic began with the puzzled of a typical user’s experience of the mobile phone. Study on existing phones with compound functions was conducted to discover the components that could be improved upon and the opportunities that could be formed. The design intention was to create a mobile phone with multiple features that was both simple in form and instinctive in its user interface. This resulted in a crunchy design that provides a most favorable entertainment experience with its incorporated audio-visual technology.

Prism’s form is a design response to the complexity of screening images on an LCD screen, unless a prop is used. The structural prism form on the face of the phone acts as map-reading for its four different functions – camera, movie, music and chat. Pressing down the middle button allows one to navigate through the different modes. On the back, the strong visual language of the prism is extended to provide accommodation the speaker. It is also a prop to make easy the viewing of movies, music videos or photo albums. The navigation keys are easily reachable on the outer edge of the handset.
Prism reveals its keys in a 2step procedure:

  • Slide the front section of Prism up midway to access the zoom and volume buttons for the camera and MP3 modes

  • Slide it up fully to reveal the twelve keys for the phone mode.

The rich gilded detailing of the prism shape is mischievously unmitigated to the edge of the phone, which gives the product a luxury feel. The sculptural prism on the back of the phone is echoed by the subtle pyramid indentations of the function keys.
Designed for well known South Korean mobile phone manufacturer Pantech, Prism is an innovative design and offer you the stylish handset in your hand. It was designed by Fuseproject In-house design: Yves Behar, Qin Li, Youjin Nam.