Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Pass thoughts, the new way for password authentication

With the ever increasing paranoia to safeguard information, whether industrial, commercial, financial, patents, researches, or even security related, new or alternate methods to authenticate the user is a challenge. The password being typed along with the addition of various biometric devices for authentication is one of the options available. A team of researchers and students from Berkeley University have devised a way to use the brain waves for logging in and authentication of the user by using the low cost headsets fitted with electroencephalogram (EEG).

This headset is available off the shelf and has a single sensor which is sufficient to provide a quality signal from the brainwave for authentication and it has been termed as ‘Passthought(s)’. During the research and trials, the error rates were less than one percent with customized thought task and calibration of each user’s headset for authentication threshold. The authentication is based on the best task which the brainwave would pick up and seven different tasks were tested. The result was that the tasks were needed to be easy and not mundane and also not boring. The only thing which is remaining is that the EEG hardware has become more common with low prices.
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