Monday, April 8, 2013

Playstation 4, in a blooming process

Sony is all set in the releasing process of the Playstation 4.  Although it makes one think what gigantic gaming console this could be.  With only six months left to release, they are on the verge of testing PS 3 in the market.  Sony has already initiated plans for playstation 5 and 6.  Sony has till now made clever releases of its products to make a deep impact in the competitive market.  Even this time, the announcement in NYC was made giving its first clue of release in October 2013.  Sony CEO Andrew House quoted that the system will come into the limelight by October and cost around 300 pounds. 

The playstation 4 consoles will be in the market before the games supporting the system.  This is officially set to release in the ‘Holiday 2013’ as announced on February 20th 2013.  With the heat steaming up with everyday for the launch of playstation 4, the game series BlazBlue, a fighting game is set to release soon.  With the announcement of PS4 the gaming industry will claim the platform.
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