Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Premium touch headphones, Momentum

Sophisticate design, the Momentum headphones from Sennheiser audio German company ensure unlimited luxury.  It has been made to perfection giving attention to detail.  It is elegant with leather ear cups and high quality gear.  The company claims to have used British Tannery ‘Pittards’, tough leather which is sweat and water resistant.  This eventually makes the headphones more durable.  A perfect sew and foamed headband ensures comfort and flexibility.  The steel slides on either side allow for easy adjustments.

The sound quality is impeccable.  The neodymium magnets used are highly superior.  The speakers are devoid of distortion even at higher audio levels.  One can have a great experience with high sound decibels.  The other attributes include two replaceable cables of 3.5 mm connector for plugging.  The remote buttons are handy for selecting song titles, volume control, for voice commands and phone calls.  The remote comes with inbuilt microphone with cable.  The adaptor of 6.3mm is provided to make the headphones compatible with any audio equipment.  It is sold in velvet case with a price tag of 25,000.
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