Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Professional gaming experience with Elite Mechanical Gaming Keypad

A confident hand on gaming experience is what you get from Elite Mechanical Gaming Keypad of Razer Orbweaver.  A framework of innovative keypad is at your disposal.  With such sophistication in your hands, your ability to play games is no less than a professional. It has 20 buttons programmed, 8-way thumb pad supported by movable modules of thumb, hand and palm rest.  The amazing technology of the keypad assists the user to play the game with fast reflexes and intent moves. 

The keypad alerts the user with a sound produced tap by a click of a button.  Each key performs its own mode of action optimized by a force of 50 g and also maintain a distance of 2mm for easy access.  The placement of keys allows you to play the game in easy fast movements, that your opponent wonders how fast your moves are.  Other features include, macro lengths, customized profiles and back up keypad light during blackouts.  The software assisting the functions is “Synapse 2.0”, which actually plays with your settings automatically behind your back and at the same time supporting the Razer peripherals.