Saturday, April 13, 2013

Project Shield of Nvidia, the gaming experience

The gaming device felt like never before.  This product proposes to give full gaming experience while travelling.  It promises to give 10 hours of complete gaming experience with key pad.  The product “Project Shield” looks similar to a gaming console with a display panel attached to it.  This works with the support of a software specially designed in accordance with the user.  It is powered by three batteries that can stand up to 5 to 10 hours of usage.  It shows clear and high quality sound system.  The display screen has 720 HD resolution of 5 inches. 

The device can be connected to television for big screen gaming experience.  It has the option for multiplayer gaming compatible to other gaming devices.  The device also supports to the 4K format of video games that shows more powerful HD resolutions.  This product of Nvidia, is progressing further to make it compatible with newly developed servers in order to enjoy high graphical gaming.  Huang promises to make the device equivalent to Xbox 720.