Saturday, April 13, 2013

Samsung’s flexible display ‘Youm’ for Smartphones and tablets

Samsung brings to you the latest technology in flexible displays. It has been named the ‘Youm’ and was showcased at CES 2013. This technology will be useful to make an unbreakable screen for the Smartphones and tablets. OLED has been used to make the displays and would not even crack if dropped from a height. The technology demonstration of the prototype of the flexible display was showcased at CES 2011. Executives from Samsung showed the technology, which gives better contrast with colours using the super thin form factor.

A video was shown at the CES 2013 of how the displays would be. Eric Rudder, the chief technical strategy officer from Microsoft also showed the windows phone using the Youm display at the CES 2013. Senior Vice President of Samsung, Brian Berkeley displayed the prototype of the phone with the flexible display which he bent around the sides where one could see the updates. He stated that the Samsung’s partners would be making these bendable displays. LG and Nokia are also developing their technology and have already displayed their flexible prototypes.
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