Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Solution for permanent hair removal, Pinchless Electrolysis Hair Remover

The Pinchless Electrolysis Hair Remover is the solution for permanent hair removal for both men and women.  This small sleek stylish gadget can be very useful for persons having problems with thick growth of hair.  Waxing is the most common and popular method used by women.  This procedure induces pain and may sometimes show side effects for sensitive skin.  For those searching for permanent solution need not endure to the painful procedures of electrolysis and waxing.  This domestic magical remover removes hair without any pain.  It has a ball tip smooth and rolling, which when used on a regular basis promises to kill the hair germative cells and dermal papilla.  Over a period of a few months the hair stops growing completely.  This requires a regular usage of 11 minutes depending upon the thickness, nature and the growing pattern of the hair.

On regular usage the user may notice a considerable decrease in the growth of hair.  It can be used on any part of the body from face to the low waist line.  This works on the principle of galvanic technology similar to that of electrolysis, where a needle is used by professionals.  The device is accompanied by AAA batteries and parts like, rollers, gel pads, cleansing gel, tweezers, conductive gel and carrying case can be replaceable.