Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Specific information about Google glass as released by Google

The Google giant search engine has released the specifications of Google glass.  The hardware device will feature a 25 inch high resolution display screen which can be viewed from a distance of 8 feet.  It also supports connectivity of WI-Fi and Bluetooth and micro USB for charging.  There is no provision to transfer mobile data or information onto the screen.  It has 5 MP camera and is capable of capturing 720p videos at a time.  It has a flash memory of 16 GB of which 12 GB can be accessed by the user.  A Google cloud storage facility is available. 

The device already has My Glass application.  The battery life promises to run for one day, though it depends on video recordings and Hangouts.  Google Glass is capable of transmitting sound through conduction transducer to the users and is also supported any phone instilled with Bluetooth.  The launch of the device is not yet confirmed by the Google officials.  The so called features like, image capturing, online search, video sharing and much more were mentioned about the product.  But the actual release will only be, after the device is tested by a few selected people.
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