Friday, April 19, 2013

Staxofax Portable Software takes control, store and organize all theinformation

Staxofax Portable is one of the best applications that is able to take control, store and organize all of your personal information. Nowadays, everyone has E-mail address, websites, phone numbers, photographs, notes, screenshots, graphics and text items and you can save them on the Computer. However, if the associated program is changed or the Hard Drive fails, the information will be lost as they’re in different places. In this case, you can sue the Staxofax Portable application. It is an easy and flexible interface tool that lets you keep, use and backup the information in a simple way. The tool can be run from the USB Drive. It makes all of your data available wherever you go.
In this tool, if you save a web address, it will become a bookmark which will fetch the site even if you use any browsers. If you save any E-mail address, the tool will launch your E-mail client with that address entered irrelevant of whether you’ve changes E-mail programs.

At last, if you save any Phone Number, the Staxofax will dial it via the Windows Phone dialer. If you need all these facilities, you can simply go with the Staxofax Application. Another good news is that this tool is available as a portable version (Peg drive) too. Therefore, you can take all the information with you to use it anywhere.