Monday, April 15, 2013

The 3D mapping service in Iran due for launch

Iran is in the process of developing 3D map service within four months.  The service is known as “Basir” an Islamic Google Earth as mentioned by the information and communications technology minister, Mohammad Hassan Nami.  The Iranians are in the construction mode of a data centre that would support huge data of information that will enable to launch the map service.  The minister said “We are doing out best to launch the Islamic Google Earth in the next four months as an Islamic republic’s national portal, providing service on a global scale”. 

The service is developed to the standards of Islamic views.  Iran is presently using the services of Google Earth that belong to the U.S. and England.  The Islamic authorities have to filter the content of Google Search and Google Earth, as they are being used as spying sources.  Not much information about the services is provided by them.  Source view, that Iranians are developing software to keep a control on the content of social networking sites like, Twitter and Facebook.