Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The next generation of Wave Glider SV3

The Navy uses the Wave Glider to study the sea currents in depth.  This old system is now more advanced by connecting it with sun and sea.  The new Wave Glider SV3, is the upgraded model of the old one which uses the wave energy to fuel itself.  But the new one will take its energy from the sun and the sea to power up its internal devices with the help of solar panels and battery storage.  This will enable the Wave Glider SV3 to have a permanent place at sea.  Powering up the robots at sea was a daunting task. 

With this technology successful, the defense establishments are further looking to create an underwater robot that can cover long distances for major projects like, aquatic surveillance, mine destruction and submarine hunting. The Wave Glider SV3 has solved the problem.  The Glider has a cloud based operating system known as Regulus operating the SV3 computers.  This helps the Glider to have a constant watch of the seas.  Joss termed it as “a floating data center”.