Friday, April 12, 2013

The “Surface RT” & “Surface Pro” tablets, due for launch

The latest information on Microsoft developing a 7 inch tablet in competition with Apple and Google is storming the market.  This will be the first time Microsoft will be targeting with a small screen.  Two models are rumored to be introduced; one is Surface tablet with inbuilt Windows RT and costlier one, Surface Pro with Windows 8.  The Surface tablet has a rather stylish look to it and surprisingly expected to weigh only 2 lbs.  It has an Intel Core i5 processor and promises to be compatible with upgraded applications, software and peripherals.  It is friendly to low-grade applications as well. 

The laptop form tablet gives faster performance with the inbuilt strong security system.  An HD display instills spectacular visuals with quick and speedy reactions.  The screen is responsive to pen, touch and keypad.  It becomes extremely handy for office presentations and documents.  The digitized pen available with the set adds on to the touch experience.  The Surface RT is more playful compatible with games, video and music.  Both stand out with new inbuilt ‘One Note’ application for working. Both come with a starting price of $899 and $499 for the latter one.
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