Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The world’s largest telescope, stationed above the clouds

The Hawaiian Board of Land and Natural Resources are set to build the world’s largest and most powerful telescope on top of volcano Mauna Kea.  The telescope is 30 meters high with 492 mirror segments spread around 100 feet.  This telescope is promised to capture the images 13 billion light years away from the solar system with accurate details.  This will be a joint project of California, Japan, Canada, India and Japan.  The instrument is 144 times more powerful than the Hubble Space telescope and 10 times than a Keck telescope. 

It will operate using ultraviolet wavelengths to mid-infrared.  This will work in collaboration with James Webb Space Telescope.  On approval the work is ready to start this year and complete by 2021.  Another largest telescope is in the planning process which is claimed to begin in 2021 in Chile.  This will contain 137 foot mirror larger than the TMT. This is the European Extremely Large Telescope which will attain the first position in the world shortly.