Friday, April 19, 2013

Tips: How to allow a standard user to override KMS and enter MAK keys

In this article, let’s discuss about letting a standard user to override KMS and enter the MAK keys. If you’re an administrator, you can create a registry key that lets a standard user to apply a MAK key and activate an Office 2010 application. Therefore, a standard user can switch a KMS client to MAK activation and manually activate the computer. Moreover, if necessary, you can replace an existing MAK with a new MAK key.
As by default all volume license editions of Office 2010 disable this behaviour, you can enable the same by simply adding the following line to the Config.xml file:

You can also set the following registry key for enabling/disabling a standard user activation.

Enable Standard User Activation: "UserOperations"=dword:00000001
Disable Standard User Activation: "UserOperations"=dword:00000000 (Office 2010 volume license products default setting)
Try performing the above steps to let the standard users override KMS and enter MAK keys.


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