Friday, April 19, 2013

Tips: How to use the Exchange Control Panel easily

In order to provide the services for the Exchange Organization, we use the Web application “Exchange Control Panel” on a Client Access Server. If you install a Client Access Server, the Exchange Control Panel will be automatically installed. If you want to manage Exchange from anywhere, you have to enter the URL path for the application in your browser’s Address field. Then, you can access the Exchange Control Panel. The default Exchange Control Panel URL is

The Client Access server to which you connect processes your remote actions via the ECP application running on the default Web site. “%ExchangeInstallPath%\ClientAccess\Ecp”(without quotes) is the physical directory for this application. This command runs in the context of an application pool named MSExchangeECPAppPool. You can view the web.config file that implies the settings for the ECP application in the %ExchangeInstallPath%\ClientAccess\Ecp directory on your server.

A self-signed Security Certificate will be automatically created when you install an Exchange Server as this default certificate is not issued by a trusted authority. Moreover, you can view a related error message when you use HTTPS to access services hosted by your Client Access servers.
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