Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Travelling made easy with best iPhone apps

The travel apps are for those people who are always on the move. The best iPhone travel apps are put up together to avoid situations like sudden weather change or communications problem. Planning a trip includes booking hotel rooms, car rentals, flight tickets etc. To keep track on all these, kayak app is one stop shopping. This app even shows airport details, airline numbers etc. Another is the Tripit app for people who are always in a rush. This app gives peace of mind to the user by synchronizing the booked flight and car details in the calendar. All the user needs to do is forward the confirmation emails to this app.

To overcome the language barriers Google Translate is available which is in 64 languages with speech support. Exchange rates by the minute are in the XE currency app. Living Earth is an app to keep track of the climatic conditions over the earth giving an accurate weather forecast in 3D simulation. The open Table app helps the user to book a table at any of the restaurants online. It even displays menu and prices. With Around Me app, a person will never find himself lost.