Saturday, April 13, 2013

Travelling places made easier with “Map Maker Tool”

Google has made the map services more elaborate and clear for the people to travel.  The new “Map Maker Tool” allows the user to search the path taking in depth information such as buildings, rivers, railways, hotels and much more.  The information as added by the user will be reviewed and accepted by the staff of Google and other users.  The contribution made by one user will be as such approved and with necessary amendments made, the map will appear in Google Maps, Mobile map apps and Google Earth. 

The user new to the tool has a guide to learn the basic functions of the Map maker.  As you upload the names and locations of the particular area or place, the map updates the details and frames the path for other users of the world.  One has the option to edit maps also.  This provision can be used in 200 countries.  Just add the places of interest you like the most. The Map Maker tool provides a meticulous menu for adding natural habitat, geographical features and outlines.
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