Saturday, April 13, 2013

Twitter launches popular music page for twitter users

The online social media network, Twitter has announced the launch of new music application, Trending Music App, for its users.   Latest music would be available for the users on “sign in” button being pressed on The service of music feature will provide music alerts about the latest music and the ones their friends are listening to. The application is still not complete and the page does not go anywhere at the moment. This App has been made possible after Twitter took over a music aggregation website, “We Are Hunted” which was scanning social networks and music blogs for creating a list of 99 songs which are popular online.

There has been some speculation going on for some time, about the launch of the music service by Twitter.  This may be revealed by the end of this week.  Nothing much is specified about the services and functions of the music application so far.  Some are of the view that it will be provided only to celebrities and later on accessed by all the users.