Saturday, April 13, 2013

Waiting to launch, the new Samsung Galaxy S IV

Samsung the leading leaders in the mobile segment are looking forward to release Samsung Galaxy S IV in the smart phone section.  This new phone comes with an added feature of unbreakable front screen.  This is a breakthrough product launch for the company in the technology market.  This phone is due for release by the end of April according to analysts.  To get a strong hold in the competitive market Samsung phone with unbreakable screen will attract the customers like never before.  The Galaxy S IV is promising to have a high quality display with quad core processor with 13 MP cameras.  The pixel strength is even more powerful with 441 pixels per inch (ppi).

This will be the first company to use the plastic shield for screen display making it unbreakable.  There are other technological developments that Samsung is undergoing.  They are in the process of developing more flexible and bendable products for the future market.  Not much information is revealed by them.  According to UBS Samsung will sell around 22.5 million devices of Galaxy S III and Note II by September and December.
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