Friday, April 12, 2013

What to do with your email account when you die, new Google Tool willhelp

Ever wondered what will happen to your email accounts when you move on from Mother Earth. At least, Google has made an attempt to resolve the issue to a certain degree. Google has launched a service called the ‘inactive account manager’. This is being termed as a “digital will” and people are being asked about the documents stored in the email along with photographs and other virtual items after the email account holder dies or is not capable of using the account for whatever reason.

The inactive account manager will be used by the account holder to direct Google to either delete the account if not used for too long or pass whatever data which is in Gmail, Google drive, YouTube or Google+ to any particular person. Options are available to share with a family member or a friend or delete the account after a particular time period which is to be specified by the account holder. Information from the account can be customised, to be passed on to, up to 10 individuals. Of course, reminders would be sent by text messages or emails before the expiry of the time period to review it.