Friday, April 19, 2013

World’s first Multiaxis CNC software

The release of the new Multiaxis CNC software has made the complicated part mechanism simple. The CAD/CAM provider has been helping the automate programming of manufacturing shops in all aspects to keep themselves lean and productive. For more than 25 years, their focus was on 2D and 3D machining automation but nowadays, the shops are looking for benefits and features which are now a part of a full 5 axis CNC machining.

This new release is based on a variety of new surface tool path strategies. It has a machining wizard attached to this software which helps the operator to create 4 0r 5 axis machine tool path simultaneously. It even opens the door for those machine shops that are operating the unique 3 axis parts making scenarios. This is the first in the world which can operate at high speed machine toolpath for a 5 axis programming. To its addition, the new Multiaxis PRO version allows the operator to use the machine kinematics while the machine is in the simulation mode.