Friday, April 12, 2013

Xbox 720, new high in cable TV viewing with online content

Microsoft is going in a big way the television market with the new Xbox console. A new device has been made to connect the TV cable signals to the set top box which will be featured in the new Xbox from Microsoft. This new ‘pass through’ device is somewhat similar to set top boxes from Google TV but the advantage is in playing the next generation games which have a real controller, it has been claimed. Microsoft would be rolling out some cable services gradually with the Xbox720. It would need an internet connection, and always on, for accessing the TV signals and streaming the entertaining services.

Christened as the Xbox 720 will have two HDMI ports, a better version of the user interface; it would be offering entertainment services from partner content providers. It is to be seen what content will be aired through Xbox as Microsoft needs to deal with individual content providers. However, it would be a great experience to have cable programming mixed with online content in a totally different way.
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